Northwest Michigan Folklife Center


The Northwest Michigan Folklife Center conducts and coordinates field documentation projects; develops educational publications and programs, including online presentations; sponsors concerts, conferences, and lectures; and provides specialized technical, administrative, and consulting services to community organizations, scholars, educators, and other agencies.  Since 2009, founder Gretchen Eichberger has centered a majority of her work oral history projects, modern dance theater and performance art. 

Inquiries may be made by email or phone call.


One thought on “Northwest Michigan Folklife Center

  1. When congress created the American Folklife Center in 1976, it had to define folklife in order to write the law. Here is what the law says:

    American folklife is the traditional, expressive, shared culture of various groups in the United States; familial, ethnic, occupational, religious, and regional.

    Expressive culture includes the wide range of creative and symbolic forms, such as custom, belief, technical skill, language, drama, ritual, architecture, music, play, dance, drama, pageantry, and handicraft. Generally these expressions are learned orally, by imitation, or in performance, and are maintained or perpetuated without formal instruction or institutional direction.

    The northwest corner of Michigan’s lower peninsula radiates a distinctive culture rich in human expressions, therefore the primary mission of the NMFC is to collect the region’s folklore.

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